Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical prcedure to correcting and reconstructing with restoring the functions of the nose. The main objective of rhinoplasty is creating a functional, aesthetic and facially proportionate nose ... Read more >>

Nasal Tip Plasty in Istanbul


The end portion nose is called the "nasal tip" and reshaping of this area is defined as "Nasal Tip Plasty" ("Tip Plasty" / "Tip Rhinoplasty" / "Nasal Tip Projection Rhinoplasty") ... Read more >>

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Istanbul

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the primary safe approach used currently for the surgical treatment of chronic sinusitis ... Read more >>

Myringoplasty in Istanbul

Myringoplasty, the eardrum surgery is the name given to the closure of small holes in eadrum. For this purpose, faty tissue, paper, muscle membrane (fascia), cartilage and cartilage membrane (perichondrium) can be used. When myringoplasty is combined with ossicular reconstruction, it is called tympanoplasty ... Read more >>